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Fone2shop turns phone numbers into URLs, thereby providing an immediate way for consumers to respond to media and place an order quickly and simply, but in particular securely.

Fone2shop is THE m-commerce solution

  • works on ANY phone (including fixed line phones)
  • No software to install
  • Does not require computer / phone literacy
  • Just the ability to dial a number, dial an advert code, and speak
  • Easy to learn, rapid to use
  • Fast & secure

Simple Front End, Hidden Complexity

When an end-user first creates their account, we only have a name that has not yet been verified and a phone number. Gradually, their "profile" is added to and their address becomes known. Assuming that they have funds on their account, they are then very easily able to select what would be a URL on the internet, i.e. dial a phone number, and then key in the product code for the item they have seen or heard promoted.

In this simple but effective manner, they are able to place their "online" order.

  • Makes media response even easier and rapid
  • No chargeback as the client authenticates their purchase (customer present)
  • brings "online buying" to people without internet access
  • Multiple server architecture to secure transactions

Work with Us

We are looking for companies and organisations to supply our solution to. If you have access to a market for this exciting m-commerce application, then we would like to talk with you. Our business model is to supply a solution with your branding and corporate "look and feel" and support you in addressing this market.