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Mobile Commerce has taken off in the Western World, with an ever increasing proportion of shopping not just being online, but on mobile devices, whether phones or tablets.

This does however require a data connection for internet access.

We see two distinct areas where Fone2Shop can be used successfully:

  • in countries or areas where many users may not have mobile data access
  • and in areas with strong data access, but where instant secure purchasing would be appreciated.

In either of these instances, Fone2Shop offers a solution which is simple for the consumer, backed by a secure back-office system.

M-Commerce Solution

Fone2Shop is offered as a "Software as a Service". The benefits are:

  • Fast speed to market
  • Low Capital Cost to enter the market
  • Very low operating cost with considerable automation
  • Secure solution
  • Can be integrated with banking or other existing services

Mobile Commerce is quick, easy & secure with Fone2Shop

Using ANY phone, ANY operating system, ANY network, it's simple and it's LOW cost.